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Growing up in rural upstate (up up….keep going…a little further) New York, I have had the luxury of wide open spaces filled with lakes, rivers, and plenty of Adirondack forest. With the power of natural healing right in my backyard, it was a given that after getting my Master’s Degree in Acupuncture in Columbia, Maryland, I would build my practice and raise my family back where I grew up. 

Being the first person in Northern New York to practice complimentary medicine, I’m asked to educate people not only on the benefits of acupuncture but on holistic medicine as a whole (pun IN-tended). I’ve taught at the local colleges and universities, given lectures at libraries, high schools, lodges, and clubs all in the name of “alternative” wellness.

Now, I get the chance to go beyond the four walls of a lecture to bring you the most interesting, delicious, and unique ways to find less pain and suffering in your life.  With adventure and intrigue in mind, I will introduce you to people and places that fascinate me and my team.

Join me…..En Route to the Alternative. 

En Route To The Alternative


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En Route To The Alternative
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